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Jasmine Coconut Bath Tea

Six Tea Bags | 1 Ounce Each

One Jar | 8 Ounces


Jasmine Coconut Bath Tea moisturizes, hydrates, tones, improves clarity and calms the skin leading to a radiant youthful appearance of your skin.


Known as Queen of the Night, Jasmine is a natural moisturizer that is very effective in reducing blemishes, increasing skin elasticity and balancing skin tone for a glowing complexion.


Coconut oil is a nourishing natural moisturizer that hydrates the skin with and also has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce inflammation and redness on the skin.


Our Salt Blend

Our Bath Teas are a blend of Pink Himalayan Salt, Epson Salt and Dead Sea Salt that offer wonderful benefits:


Exfoliating: Removes dead skin cells and improve the texture and appearance of the skin.

Soothing: Anti-inflammatory properties that reduces swelling and soothe irritated skin.

Balancing: Maintains the skin's natural pH and improves skins overall health.

Rejuvenating: Improves blood flow to the skin, which helps nourish and rejuvenate the skin.

Clarity: Improves dull skin, smooths skin texture and helps reduce pores and blemishes.

Calming: Calming effect on the body which helps reduce stress and promote relaxation.

Muscle Cramps: Minerals that help relax muscles and reduce muscle cramps.


Clean . Natural . Vegan 

Handcrafted in the USA

Jasmine Coconut Bath Tea


    Moisturizing . Balancing . Hydrating


    Every Skin Type / Blemish Prone


    Jasmine Absolute, Jasmine Essential Oil, Coconut Essential Oil, Pink Himalayan Salt, Pure Epson Salt, Dead Sea Salt


    Made with certified organic ingredients.


    Bath Tea Bags: Add 1-2 tea bags to warm bath water.


    Bath Tea: Add 1-2 tablespoons to warm bath water.

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